Will You Dance, Miss Laurence? (Dance Studio, #1) [ePub]

by Raven McAllan

Night Owl Review

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‘Will You Dance, Miss Laurence?’ is the first book in the Dance Studio series by Raven McAllan. Dancing lessons were meant to be fun, but without knickers? Shibari Master Ryan is attracted to Ava and is will to help her out. Will Ava enjoy his bondage or will her past get in the way?

I liked the premise of the story. When a “Dance” instructor tells you not to wear panties you know it will be fun afternoon. The chemistry between Ryan and Ava is off the charts. The only think holding them back is Ava and her not communicating with him.

At twenty-nine pages this was a hot and sexy story for a rainy afternoon. Overall, I really enjoyed this story. The more I read from Raven McAllan the more I like her writing.



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