The Ancient Novel [ePub]

by Tibor Fischer

Tibor Fischer goes in search of the ancient novels to discover they aren't as dusty as the manuscripts on which they're written. Greek and Latin novelists were writing stories that read like film scripts, thousands of years before Hollywood. He speaks to leading academics about this little-known area of fiction, finding that love, happiness and tragedy are themes that have endured throughout history.

Producer Gavin Heard

From The Radio Times

Novelist Tibor Fischer is out to prove that fiction from the first century AD outdoes Hollywood in sex, cliff-hangers and godlike heroes. He's at the International Conference on the Ancient Novel in Lisbon-which doesn't sound much like Tinseltown - where academics met in July to promote the "big seven": the five Greek and two Latin novels that have survived since antiquity. Among them is Chariton's Callirhoe, whose walking pin-ups fall in love on the first page. Fischer talks us through the flagrant plot twists and wryly explains why they're so familiar: writers have been ripping them off for 2,000 years.

Claire Webb



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