Pleasure for Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze, #84) [ePub]

by Jamie Sobrato

He has an old score to settle

Josie Marcus is back in town. The last time Trent O Reilly saw her, she was driving away, leaving him naked on the beach. Now, this could be his chance to finally put an end to his desire for her too-tempting self. She s running the local sex therapy clinic, so he ll pretend to need private sex lessons. When he has her hotter than she s ever been, he ll walk away, leaving her unsatisfied. Great plan. So why isn t he heading for the door?

Josie has never been able to resist the sexy Trent. Problem is whenever they start heating the sheets, she panics and runs away. However, his scandalous offer is just the resolution she needs. If she can control the sessions, she ll stay calm and then she can get him out of her system. But trading sensual pleasures with him is so steamy she wants to stay forever!

A sexy, fun romp from newcomer Jamie Sobrato!



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