Spirit World Wisdom [ePub]

by Toni Ann Winninger

Miracles do happen! Toni Ann Winninger and Peter Watson Jenkins personally attest to that fact. Since 1st August 2007 they have received a steady stream of messages, answering questions and cries for help from readers of their blog. The messages have came from , the Ascended Masters, a group of senior spirit guides on the Other Side. Toni who is a skilled clear channel psychic with a worldwide audience translated their vibrational language.

Messages from the Masters were selected for Spirit World Wisdom which is a readers' compendium of their answers, edited by Peter, a writer and hypnotist. He shares Toni's belief that this book will make known the wisdom of the spirit world to a wider audience. These are real messages from experienced souls who have a unique perspective of life on planet Earth. Judging from comments received from readers of the blog, the messages have frequently altered attitudes and changed lives—for the better.

The Masters' essays focus on their relationship as guides with human beings. They look at the journey of the eternal soul and explain reincarnation. Their view of human belief systems follows, and they explain spiritual enlightenment to which we can aspire. Spirit World Wisdom continues with an examination of healing issues, and unveils the spirits' attitude toward the experiences human sometimes call "life lessons." Our relationship with planet Earth is explained, as are psychic contacts and matters of interest from twin flames to serial killers. The final section of this book of their wisdom is a set of affirmations dictated by the Ascended Masters for humans to make their own.

The Ascended Masters' work of giving advice continues on a daily basis. Is the miracle in the fact of this contact with the folks back Home? That may be one, and the benefit they have already given to thousands of people is another. May we also hope that this written record will provide a continuing miracle as we read Spirit World Wisdom for ourselves.



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