Tub Farming [ePub]

by Mary Johnson

I wanted to like this slim book, which purports to contain lots of practical information on container gardening, but in the end I found it lacking.By relying on recommending specific cultivars instead of giving general tips for what to look for to choose container-appropriate cultivars and species, it made sure its info would quickly become outdated, since the commercial cultivars offered change so rapidly.And by constantly touting the superiority of chemical everything, even only grudgingly saying that you can use compost but that compost is less ideal than chemical fertilizers because it can't be taken up as quickly or easily by plants (?!), the book really turned me off.There were some tidbits of information previously unknown to me, but the fact that the author also stated some things that I know from my own experience are not always true or are definitely false meant that I didn't even know if these things were actually accurate.

This is one case where more modern gardening books are the way to go; there are plenty of more contemporary container gardening books that are far superior to this one.



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