Entangled in Darkness [ePub]

by Lindsey Webster

Annalyn Johanssen was moving out from home with her best friend and starting university for the first time. It was supposed to be an exciting time in her life. She saw herself as being on the road to success and hoped to one day see herself getting a PhD and starting a prestigious career. University was just the first step in a long and happy life of success.As much as she hoped to get away from the unhappiness of her adolescence, she soon found herself spiraling into darkness....Lindsey Webster graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and endeavored to get another degree in psychiatric nursing in accordance with her passion for mental health and for the darker side of life that encompasses mental illness, disorder, abuse, trauma and anything else that challenges the soul. Her writing explores this world and has been inspired by her own struggles with darkness, disorder, and chaos. Her other passions include writing poetry and editing for the literary magazine Cerulean Rain. She lives with her many pets in British Columbia, Canada and continues her work in psychiatric nursing.



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