Starting from Scratch [ePub]

by Wes Moss

Do you ever get that sick feeling on Sunday night as you think about the daily grind awaiting you on Monday? Do you daydream about the joys of being your own boss? Do you sketch out plans for your own business, one that actually excites and inspires you? If so, congratulations! You've reached the tipping point—that critical moment when you know you're ready to flee your job for the freedom of your own enterprise.In "Starting from Scratch," Wes Moss shares with you the passion, values, and inspiration that led people just like you to exit Corporate Street and merge onto Entrepreneurial Avenue. Successful entrepreneurs from 21 different industries and business concepts—a lawyer turned gourmet baker, a paralegal turned yoga studio owner, a saleswoman turned designer shoe retailer, to name a few—reveal secrets guaranteed to put you on the road to independence.In this fully updated and revised edition, Wes Moss offers the latest on the entrepreneurs featured and lessons from those who didn't make it. Plus, a new introduction features the latest trends in entrepreneurship and discusses how he's applied the book's advice to his own business and watched his business grow four times its original size.Whether you're new to the workforce or in the midst of a major midlife career change, "Starting from Scratch" will leave you with hefty doses of practical advice and inspiration—everything you need to turn a passion into a viable, fulfilling business.



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