Swing Trading Indicators [ePub]

by Michael Young

Want To Be A Successful Swing Trader? Here Are Three Technical Indicators That Are Critical To Your Success

Detailed Candlestick Charts And Diagrams Included

In this book, you’ll discover three technical indicators that are critical to your swing trading success. You’ll learn how each of this proven indicators works and exactly—step-by-step—how each of them can be used to identify trading opportunities.

Plus, you’ll learn how to use multiple of these indicators together to increase your winning percentage.

Here are some of the specifics you'll learn...

- What swing trading is and how swing traders minimize intraday trading risk— Chapter 1

- 3 things that are essential for swing trading success— Chapter 1

- How Bollinger Bands work. You'll learn how most traders use Bollinger Bands, why this can result in a high percentage of losing trades, and the "right" way to use Bollinger Bands— Chapter 2

- The 3 components of MACD— Chapter 3

- The concept of "bullish divergence"— What it is, how to identify it, and how it can help a swing trader find huge opportunities for profits— Chapter 3

- Exact instructions for using RSI to uncover overbought assets that could be huge short selling opportunities— Chapter 4

- The specific formula for calculating Relative Strength Index— Chapter 4

- Here's an incredible powerful technique that involves using divergence anbd RSI together— This strategy by itself is worth x1000 times the cost of this book and can help make you a lot of money— Chapter 5

- How to use all three of this powerful technical indicators together to minimize risk and maximize profits— Chapter 6

- And much much more!

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