Sustainable Tourism and Law [ePub]

by Michael Faure

The central focus of this book is the interaction between law and tourism, with the view to attaining sustainable tourism. The book achieves its goal by approaching law and tourism from various angles. On the one hand, sustainable tourism is put in a broader context by, for example, outlining the principles and philosophy of sustainable tourism, and on the other by explaining how principles of sustainable tourism can be taught through educational programs in developing countries. The question therefore arises as to how a 'Global Code' could also be integrated in legal teaching. There are, moreover, many examples in developing countries of successful sustainable tourism. To provide concrete examples of those success stories and to critically analyze them, the book focuses on one particular case - the case of Indonesia - and cites cases of sustainable tourism (strongly focusing on how law and legal rules have contributed to sustainable tourism), mostly on the islands of Java and Bali.



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