False Confessions [ePub]

by Paul Wood

"Tourist" Hawai'i is one thing. Real Hawai'i is outlandish — so much so that the line between everyday experience and fantastic invention often vanishes. Or at least it does in these forty-one masterfully written musings.

Hilarious and irreverent, full of games and yet passionately honest, they represent the best of a wildly popular Maui newspaper column called "Four Wheels Five Corners." Working without editorial restrictions, Paul Wood fashioned these pieces from his quarter-century of life on Maui, then lobbed them onto the island like fireworks — or, in some cases, hand grenades — each one designed to burst with a flash of humor and truth in the minds and hearts of his fiercely loyal readers.

Prepare to be inspired, perplexed, delighted, and infuriated. No one's ever written this way about the real Hawai'i before. Maybe because no one's ever dared.

"Some of the best and boldest writing in the Pacific." — The Maui News



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