Since The Noon Mail Stopped [ePub]

by Wyatt Prunty

In this new collection, Wyatt Prunty's wry humor and meditative spirit attach themselves to such unlikely objects as, for example, the "Zamboni" that polishes a skating rink. (He finds a metaphor in how it "restores a hardened glaze / as cold and clear as any thought we keep.") In "Coach, " he portrays a dog's inner life, from puppyhood to death, in four brief stanzas: "All trucks were from Hell and deserved my bite, / all children sheep and not to leave the yard...." "Grown Men at Touch" finds delicious irony in the shadow of a barn, declared the boundary of a football match, that gradually moves the goal line beyond the players' reach: "By four, our shadow-field / Had gone long past the longest pass; / By five, no one could run its length...." What these poems share is that each is a different approach to the book's abiding preoccupation with our mortality.



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