Independent Business Marketing Bible I (The Independent Business Marketing Bible Project Book 1) [ePub]

by Dr. Lory Moore

The number of Internet marketing consultants making themselves available to small business is growing every day. In addition to that, advice seems to be coming from every corner of the business universe. The number of alternatives being made to small business owners to help them to become more profitable, is also growing.

Even with all of this information available, it's difficult to determine who to trust. This volume of the Independent Business Marketing Bible, brings to you trustworthy marketing consultants that get results for their clients. These aren't big names in the industry, whose goal is to sell you on their book or information product.

These men and women make their living every day by working with the very business owners that are targeted by this growth in advice and counsel. They don't talk in marketing lingo, nor do they use ideas to try to exclude people from understanding what it takes to promote a business. Their selection was based on their passion for small business and their desire to educate.

One of the reasons that these consultants were chosen, is because they don't believe in a one-size-fits-all plan for marketing. They believing working with their clients and their clients' customers in order to devise a plan. At the same time, even though they work from a plan, they don't put together unusable systems. They put together plans that lead to profit.

Small business owners, like you have probably experienced,many times, unscrupulous marketing companies whose sole goal is to sell products and services to you. They have no regard for you as an small business, your competition or your employees. As a result, they prey on business owners were looking for cost-effective ways to get the word out about their business.

Independent Business Marketing Bible project is for those business owners. Those that have been looking for reliable advice from knowledgeable professionals will find help in this volume. Although many of these consultants have their own website and or blog, their knowledge extends beyond articles and blog posts. Their knowledge extends to the real world situations that small business owners face every single day.

What you'll find in this volume, are solid strategies that integrate the things that you've been hearing about in your everyday comings and goings. You've probably heard a lot about search engine optimization. However, has anyone ever explained to you when it might NOT make sense to do search engine optimization? Has anyone talked to you about taking what you're doing with your increased visibility from SEO in order to turn it into buying customers?

Obviously, search engine optimization is just one aspect of this book. But the principle is the same regardless of what the medium is. This series is about reliable marketing advicein plain language for

Contrary to popular opinion, effective marketing hasn't changed much since the 1890s. The principles that business owners use in order to get people to buy, are being used in the most effective small businesses. These business owners didn't get their advice out of a blog or magazine. The cream of the crop in market or local area, if you were to ask the owners, were able to find help in fundamental principles of marketing.

Once you understand the fundamentals, everything else such as SEO, mobile marketing and social media will begin to make sense. You'll have an idea of what you MUST do and what can wait, in terms of your marketing and promotion.

Have you been told that you must recognize a trend, otherwise you will be "left behind"? If so, you're not alone. And the real question lies in how the new trend fits into a total marketing system.

A marketing system address more than just getting more people to come to your doors.



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