Trophy Husband [ePub]

by Steve Brewer

More than 20 million Americans now work out of home offices, and Steve Brewer is one of them. A novelist, columnist, and the father of two sons, Brewer has turned his "Albuquerque Tribune" column on house husbandry into a book that reveals the reason working at home has become so popular: telecommuting gives Baby Boomers a way to wear sweatpants all day.

The impossible mixture of fax machines and jelly sandwiches, meeting deadlines and getting kids to soccer games that is the world of the housewife or househusband has never been funnier than when Brewer tackles it. And unlike his literary ancestors Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry, Brewer is gender neutral. Sweatpants are for everybody. He understands that anyone working at home, anyone living in the kingdom of Greater Sweatpantsia, is struggling with the mystery of adulthood. "Working at home is all about freedom," he explains. "We want to create our own work environments, set our own hours, produce at our own pace. We want "Oprah" breaks. We want to bake brownies during business hours and have them all eaten before the kids get home from school."

This book will confirm your suspicion that you can yak on the phone, slurp French Roast, and swap e-mail jokes at home as well as at an office. It is ideal for readers who have baskets of laundry next to their desks and for people who would like to. It's for everyone who longs to work in sweatpants, regardless of whether they still own clothing labeled "Dry Clean Only."



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