Silver Dagger [ePub]

by Kacie Bawiec

"Cassandra looked at the body for less than five entire seconds, but she knew it was too late. The image had branded itself into her head, and when she closed her eyes, it was all she could see. And she felt it would never, ever leave."

Cassandra Monroe felt like the world ended when her younger sister, Emery, committed suicide. She couldn’t understand why a girl from a stable, loving family would want to leave them. Together with her boyfriend, Riley, Cassandra spends the next few months after her sister’s death trying to find the answers. But the answers are not anything like she imagined.

"The silver blade was long, sharp, and curved. The hilt was a dark gray, almost black, and was encrusted with dark-green jewels. She curved her fingers around the hilt so they fit perfectly and felt it pulse beneath her as though it were alive… As she lifted the beautiful dagger, she felt it was truly a part of her."

Emery thought her pain would end when she took her own life. But the spirits won’t leave her alone. Flooding her mind with anger and a lust for revenge, they convince Emery to do their bidding, executing plans they have had for hundreds of years.

The only hope to stop this rampaging series of events is Riley’s brother, Ayden, who has unique connections with this supernatural world. As the world starts spinning into chaos, will Cassandra, Riley, and Ayden be able to stop the spirits using the deadly Silver Dagger?



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