Prophecy Of The Kings [ePub]

by David Burrows

The fate of three worlds are intertwined, that of men, dragons and demons. The time is fast approaching when the fabric separating the worlds will be thin enough for demons to cross the divide once again, but the people are largely ignorant of this, preferring forgetfulness rather than confronting their fears. The Eldric, saviours of previous wars, have mysteriously disappeared from the world, leaving behind crumbling ruins. Vastra, recklessly ambitious and driven by greed for power, seeks an Eldric talisman and recruits Kaplyn and Lars to help. Together they unravel an ancient secret that could doom them all. The evil that is Trosgarth is spreading across the land, monarchs are slain to deny the Prophecy from coming to pass, Priest of Ryoch are trained to communicate via their Shaols (their guardian spirits), while grakyn and krell gather in the remote regions of the world. As yet the drums of war beat quietly but all too soon they will call for all out war and who then will be ready?



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