Forgive Me for Waiting so Long to Tell You This [ePub]

by David Servant

The author of this book does a good job of showing how people are selfish people in the world and will try to take advantage of the good will and nature of people and not try to help others out.The author in the first part of the book, the first five (5) chapters, shows how you as a person is a selfish person and that being selfish and not really giving yourself to God can cause you to miss the mark of Heaven and what God has in store for you.These chapters do a great job of showing the reader that by being selfish you will be subjected to God’s judgment and you get what you deserve.
The next set of chapters though gives the reader hope that they can inherit the kingdom of God through faith and repentance.A person must show God that they can be unselfish in life and take God as your personal savior and through his faith and grace of his redeeming blood that you can be saved.The author then takes the time to show the reader that God died on the cross for our sins while showing us what he went through and that we are not worthy to go through what he went through.The author does a great job of clarifying that you must first repent for your sins and then enter the liquid grave to bury the old person in your life and be born anew, being baptized as a new person.The last two chapters of the book focus on where to go next in life after being saved and reborn in Christ and what the future holds if you keep the faith and become an unselfish person.
The author of the book is David S. Kirkwood aka David Servant and his wife, Becky began serving in vocational ministry in 1979, the year they were married. On their journey over the past three decades, they’ve planted and pastored three churches, raised three children, and have ministered all over the world in more than 50 nations. Becky home-schooled all of their kids, so she didn't travel much, when they were younger. But now that they're grown, he’s been blessed to have her with him during some of my travels.David is the founder of the website and continues his ministry through his books.If you would like to know more about the author goto .

Note: I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest and open review of the book.



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