Belgium (Around the World in 80 Men, #20) [ePub]

by Brandi Ratliff

This is book twenty of an eighty part series.

Morgan's surprise visit to Scotland doesn't turn out exactly as she had planned. She comes face to face with her enemy and has to decide how to handle the situation. Then, Morgan goes to beautiful Belgium. What's in store for her there?

*****Special Note to readers*****
Morgan is a high-end call girl. Her clients are gorgeous, wealthy and they know how to please a woman. This contains hot, super hot, boiling lava hot, scenes!

Here's what's not going to happen: They gazed at each other longingly, desire filling them to the core. She blushed and offered her hand to his. With her head hung low, the two retreated to the bedroom for some adult time.

Here's what will happen: Oh, just kidding, I can't write that here! What are you waiting for??? Click the button and follow Morgan as she goes around the world in 80 men.



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