The Home School Advantage [ePub]

by John Evans

The Home School Advantage: A Public Schoolteacher's Case for Homeschooling is written by John Evans, a former public schoolteacher with 12 years of experience. Though initially skeptical of homeschooling, Evans explains how his thinking changed over the years. He addresses many of the common concerns of parents and shows how homeschooling can be a superior education choice for many parents. The author uses his experience in teaching his own son Clint at home to show the advantages of homeschooling. The book also responds to many of the common objections raised against homeschooling and also explores some of the special challenges that our public schools face. Evans shows how to gather great teaching resources, how to construct a successful lesson, and how to prepare the child for life after granduation. The Home School Advantage uses the author's own experiences and solid research to make the case that homeschooling is a valid option for many families.



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