The Shoebox [ePub]

by Robert Austin

Tim and Mary are complete strangers until they meet by very unusual circumstances. On the second day of their unusual meeting, they experience a miracle birth that will bond them for life. Tim Adams is younger than his new friend, Mary Simpson, by six years. This will be only one of the many challenges they will face in the coming days. Tim has just graduated from high school and is driving across the country as a graduation present from his parents. It appears his trip will be cut short and his life changed forever. It seems too sudden for both Tim and Mary, but their faith in God and finally their love and respect for each other convinces them they were meant to be the adopted parents of this little girl.

Middy Adams is this little girl and will grow up to be a very famous person. The items in an old Shoebox will help Middy learn about her biological mother and give her the desire to follow her dream. She will meet many people as she becomes famous. She loves people and loves to share her God given talent with everyone. There is only one person that she has mixed emotions about meeting. She knows she needs to meet him, but when? What will he be be like? Should she forgive him? ...Can she?



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