The Colour Oxford English Dictionary [ePub]

by Angus Stevenson

This reissue of the second edition of the Colour Oxford English Dictionary is part of Oxford's new range of dictionaries derived from the highly-acclaimed New Oxford Dictionary of English. With a portable and durable format, it is an excellent all-purpose dictionary, although it is particularly suitable for schoolchildren, especially pre-GCSE and Standard Grade level, in the 11-14 age group. The emphasis is therefore on clarity and accessibility both in terms of layout and content. The bold and attractive new design, with all headwords, inflections, derivatives, and phrases in colour, makes it very easy to find the information you need, while definitions are written in clear and simple English, avoiding technical vocabulary. Extra help is provided in the shape of pronunciation for difficult vocabulary using a simple respelling system, in-text notes which give guidance on spelling, usage, and selected word origins, and boxes which cover general grammar points, such as punctuation, word building, and pronouns. This reissue published with a new jacket replaces the previous ISBN: 0-19-860375-4.



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