The Peter Prescription; How to Be Creative, Confident and Competent [ePub]

by Laurence J. Peter

Great follow up to the original. In some ways more useful, in some ways less.

as a manager in real life,i think the prescriptions are extremely useful but not everyone may get the same kicks. A bit more political philosophy ingrained in this one than the previous.

Theres a bit of pseudo sexist things in the beginning of the book, which is mostly Peter extolling his political virtues. Not the most relevant section, but most of the book is the actual prescriptions. The prescriptions range from obvious to not so obvious, but management theory has spent 30-40 years maturing since this book has been written and nowadays most corporate trainings would touch upon some aspects of this.

I also enjoyed the humorousanecdotes on the effects the Peter Principle had in his real life

Definitely not as enlightening as the original, but a worthy read. The quote selection particularly improved.



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