going insane [ePub]

by Tim Kizer

I picked this one up for free. The cover was intriguing and there's nothing better than a story about a psychopath (or in this case, three). If done correctly, it makes for some interesting horror.

Going Insane is a trifecta of horror stories, all dealing with the psychotic. A hitchhiking with a twist, an entity called Jeremy and a suspected poisoning...it may sound like a random selection of stories and, in hindsight, they are. They also border on cliché and originality all at the same time but, despite this, the collection of stories feels a little hit and miss. They are worth a read but the casual reader may not finish this book.

First of all, the dialogue and grammar are basic. This detracts a little from the story as I had to read several lines back to myself in order to realise what was being said. It's clunky and inept in places and it doesn't do the characters any favours. It's hard to portray a psychopath when he sounds like a eight year old. This may have been intentional (and if so, it was a nice, eerie touch) but, for me, it ruined the story. If it was explained, I may have missed it, but the language was present in all three tales so I don't think it was a writing decision by the author.

The stories, despite this, are decent. The author has created three tales that are worth a read purely to find out what happens. If you can look past the dialogue and grammar this is a little horror treat. Had these stories been edited and proofread, they may have flourished slightly better.

Three stars. A good effort but when it comes to published books, I believe editing is crucial. It seems this hasn't been applied and it's a shame because this book could have been very engaging. Worth a read if you enjoy horror and can look beyond the flaws.



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