Webster's New Worldtm Medical Dictionary [With CD-ROM] [ePub]

by Mitzi Waltz

The most up-to-date layman's guide to medical terms, treatments, and pharmaceuticals
More Americans every day are focused on issues of health and well-being. While 10 years ago, most consumers accepted their doctor's advice blindly, today many question their doctors carefully about procedures, drug therapy, diseases, and other medical concerns. As the country continues to move toward service provided by large health care organizations, more consumers will take responsibility for understanding their medical needs.
Webster's New World is proud to offer an important new entry in the medical reference market - the Webster's New World Medical Dictionary. Partnering with the doctors from MedicineNet.com, the Medical Dictionary takes advantage of the expertise of 50 doctors in 24 specialized fields ranging from pediatrics to pathology. Edited by an expert medical author, the Dictionary of Medical Terms is authoritative yet accessible to the layperson. This dictionary represents the most up-to-date medical reference on the market today.
* More than 7,500 medical terms, treatments, and medicines.
* More than 100 illustrations to clarify definitions and conditions
The book also features a CD-ROM for instant access to the dictionary and directly to the MedicineNet.com web site.



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