Delaney [ePub]

by Chancery Stone

Are You Our Next Best-Selling Novelist?Delaney is the new novel from Poison Pixie's best-selling author, Chancery Stone, and is set in the avant-garde world of modern ballet. Not the rarefied echelons of tutus, anorexia and men in tights, but the rather more earthy world of sweaty bodies, nudity and backstabbing. It tells the story of one Frank Delaney, a street lad training to be a boxer who is seduced into dancing Nijinsky's most famous role: L'apr s-midi d'un Faune.At first it is a war between Jonathan Delmore, company Svengali, and Delaney himself; an ordinary chap with no ambitions to dance. But then things get muddy.... There's intrigue, passion, professional jealousy and, of course, hints of dark secrets just around the corner.Secrets you get to solve. Because Delaney was never finished. Although it is already novel length - just short of 200 pages - it needs a talented, creative author like you to lend it your magic. Finish the story for us and win a publishing contract.



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