Countdown to Daddies [ePub]

by K-lee Klein

He Wants To Be A Baby-Daddy

Gabe is 42, Matteo is in his late 20's and the two of them are about to start a family. Gabe's twin sister, Mira, has offered to be their surrogate and the story follows this family unit throughout the pregnancy.

Gabe is a big tattooed bear of a man who's funny, a bit high strung, a bit of a worrier and kind of a like a teenager wrapped up in a 40-something year old's body. Gabe had me laughing more than once and I really enjoyed his character. He cares about people and he's hilarious when he's drunk.

Matteo is the rock in the couple. He's an old man wrapped up in a young man's body. He loves Gabe and Gabe's family. He also knows how to handle Gabe and lay his man's fears about being a daddy to rest. I liked Matteo a lot.

Mira, Gabe's sister, and her husband Bill were very cool secondary characters. Bill was damn near a genius when it came to Gabe and Mira. Mira's banter with Gabe was fun and had me smiling.

All in all this story was cute even if there wasn't any baby time in it. It's one of the better Father's Day daddy stories I've read and left me with a warm feeling.



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