A Journey [ePub]

by Apolo Anton Ohno

In an autobiography that's as sharp and fast-paced as the speed skates on his feet, Apolo Anton Ohno tells his story, discussing subjects like his younger days in Seattle, his most cherished heroes, and his medal-winning races at the 2002 Winter Olympics. Ohno lays it all on the line, revisiting, for example, his admitted blow-off of his U.S. Junior National Development Team training in Lake Placid ("Then he [Ohno's dad] made a mistake...he said good-bye, told me I'd be okay, and left me to board the plane alone. I had never planned to get on that flight.") and his strong opinions about the controversy surrounding him at the 2002 Olympic Trials. Along with detailed accounts of racing events in which he participated, the gold and silver medalist discusses his close relationship with his dad, his perspectives on different coaching techniques, and his reaction to being in the media limelight. A focused book that includes winning themes about perseverance, goals, sportsmanship, and hope, A Journey will have even more young fans seeing this sports star as a hero in the same league as Michael Jordan or Mark McGwire.



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