Grub-And-Stakers Spin a Yarn [ePub]

by Alisa Craig

Even for zany Ms. MacLeod, this one was a bit over the top.On the whole though I enjoyed it thoroughly, especially the plays on words and the vocabulary.I can't remember the last time I heard someone use the word "titivate" in conversation.And what is cullen skink?I've heard of haggis, so I figure it may be something nasty.And I wish Ms. MacLeod hadn't gone into so much detail about what goes into mincemeat.I used to like mincemeat pies, but I'm pretty sure the ones I had didn't have shredded beef.That's something I think I would have noticed.Now I'm not sure I'll ever order another piece . . . just in case.I loved the idea of Dittany carrying twins.Having recently become the grandparent of twins, I kept laughing to myself, knowing something of what she and Osbert have in store relative to what they think they have in store.



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