Take Art [ePub]

by Christian Furr

For many people, the only thing stopping them from picking up a pencil or paint brush is the daunting notion of how to begin and the belief that they can’t do it. This wonderfully simple book will show such aspiring artists exactly where to begin, starting with how to sketch the basics, all in easy-to-follow, step-by-step stages. After this introduction, it explores using other materials, from acrylic paints to watercolors. Packed with useful advice and ideas, this invaluable resource reveals the tricks and techniques that artists have used over the centuries to make their pictures work, including advice on how to create a likeness, ideas to inspire simple but beautiful paintings, hints to make pictures look good, and more. Christian Furr is resident artist on the British television program Celebrity Art Club and is the youngest artist to have officially painted Queen Elizabeth II.



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