Tuttle Dictionary of First [ePub]

by Julia Cresswell

This is one of the best baby name books I've ever read.It is full of information about each name and its history, which is exactly what I want in a baby name book, in contrast to some popular ones, which, instead of providing the etymology of, for example, Walter, the authors simply say something like, "What a fresh choice for a girl!", with a list of celebrity fruit names in the sidebar.

I do wish the book were divided into the usual two sections, boy names and girl names.I suppose that mixing the two does enhance the "dictionary" feel, and eliminates the need to list unisex names twice, but practically speaking, many parents are not looking for both girl and boy names at the same time.

I only have one real beef with the whole book:its take on "Rupert."After a useful history of the name is provided, celebrity Ruperts are listed, including Rupert Murdoch, identified as a "U.S. newspaper publisher."(!)You must understand that this is a British dictionary.Au contraire, my British friends.Rupert Murdoch was born inAustralia, and has enjoyed a deep presence in British television, print, and governmental affairs.If Americans are to claim a portion this Australian-born demon, the British must take an equal share.

I appreciate that they at least acknowledge that Margaret Thatcher is British.



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