HACK [ePub]

by Graham Johnson

Graham Johnson has his fingers on a lot of throbbing pulses and his quill nib stuck into a lot of undoubtedly rich veins. From footballer’s whose wives sleep with gangsters to powder puff pussies, drugs, cartels (hold on, don’t cartels deal with drugs?) and even that great sun-worshipper old El Diablo himself; enter Rupert “hit me with your rhythm stick” Murdoch and his big red-headed sidekick, she of the kickback and call-back fame. Yes, the News of the World, remember that, kids? Gutter journalism at its finest, a constantly-running river of cheap sleaze and make-believe stories concocted over bar tabs and Sky News feeds. It’s all here in Johnson’s “revealing” tome. The inside gossip, manufactured footage, beat-up beauties, hoaxes, pranks and skank factor ten.
Reading this extended English Sunday newspaper article, one doesn’t really learn anything knew about down-on-all-fours reporting. It’s about cash, who you know, who knows you, the loudest voice, the wackiest scenario, what mug has to get the next round in. Johnson, the “fresh-faced” cadet, didn’t get to work for Lou on the Globe after all, he got to rummage through celebrity garbage cans and pop tart starlet’s underwear drawers, and all for a princely sum and the espresso elevator ride to the Jacuzzi on the roof of Wapping Towers. What this book is actually about, apart from a potted homage to Cockney slang and safari parks, I have no idea whatsoever. Johnson must do, he wrote it, or maybe someone wrote it for him, maybe it’s just another beat-up? The synopsis is that the author, with a nose for a story and an offshore bank account, eventually tired of holding vast sums of cash and smoking guns and became a best-selling author instead. The tabloid jungle indeed, more like the tabloid tea party. Hack is precisely per the Fleet Street definition.



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