Good Bye, My Wishing Star [ePub]

by Vicki Grove

I had this book as a youngster and have been collecting my childhood books from Amazon and re-reading them. I can't say I liked Jens, the main character, very much, but I found her very authentic. I had forgotten nearly all the book except Jens' family is losing their farm, and one scene where Jens gets smacked in the head with some berries. I don't have much to say about this short little weekly reader:

likes: Jens is annoyingly selfish but very much like many teenagers. No insta-love here, no romance, just trying to figure out how to be happy when life is changing and your teeth are crooked, and friendship can be complicated. I also liked her parents.

disliked: I wished some other characters' stories were explored, and I wish that Jens had been a little bit more likable so I could have empathized with her a little more.



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