BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY (Armageddon 2419 Ad; The Airlords Of Han) & THE PRINCE OF MARS RETURN (Armageddon 2419 Ad; The Airlords Of Han) & THE PRINCE OF MARS RETURN (Timeless Wisdom Collection Book 3510) [ePub]

by Philip Francis Nowlan

This volume contains the two novels of the saga of "BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY": (Armageddon 2419 Ad; & The Airlords Of Han). It also, as a bonus feature, contains the science fiction novel "THE PRINCE OF MARS RETURN", by the same author.

Buck Rogers became an important icon of american science fiction, and his character has been portrait in movies and television series.

Born in 1898, Rogers is a veteran of World War I. In 1927 while working for the American Radioactive Gas Corporation, he investigates reports of unusual phenomena reported in abandoned coal mines near Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania.

On December 15, there is a cave-in while he is in one of the lower levels of a mine. Exposed to radioactive gas, Rogers falls into "a state of suspended animation, free from the ravages of catabolic processes, and without any apparent effect on physical or mental faculties."

Rogers remains in suspended animation for 492 years, and awakens in 2419...



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