The Journey to a New Life (The Journey Collection, #4) [ePub]

by Lisa Bilbrey

First of all, I need to thank Lisa for always letting me read this as an ARC!I think she knows how much I have enjoyed this series and I am sad that it is over.I need to thank Ren Rom for producing some amazing story and keeping me in mind when it comes to reviewing!

As I said above, this series is over.This story wraps up Travis, Penelope and Max's little story and becoming a family takes on a new meaning for the three of them.Although, we got a sneak peek in the epilogue of the first in the series. You really should read the first three before you read this story.

I have been trying to figure out what to say in this review since I finished this story a few weeks ago, but I still struggle with what to say.I want to gush about how sweet this story is but I would give it away.

If you enjoy a sweet romance, give the series a shot!If you like 2nd chance romances, then read this.



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