Love to Turn You On [ePub]

by James Cahill

When it comes to lovemaking, for lots of men, a woman’s mind and body are strange, alien territories. There is no reason why any man should know what a woman needs when he makes love to her, or how to go about giving it to her. A typical pattern often emerges in many intimate relationships: a woman is not properly warmed up, sex may become painful, and most often, she does not have an orgasm. When he wants to make love to her again, she resists.
However, once a man understands how women tend to think about intimacy – vastly different than the way he thinks about it – and learns a new approach and a few simple but dazzling techniques for effective lovemaking, he will know exactly what to do when he makes love to her. He will not only give her a good warm up, but most importantly, he will give her an orgasm every time they make love. When this occurs, she will become a wildly enthusiastic lover, and will want to make love to him again and again. Her reluctance will be a thing of the past.
Most importantly, this book is written for men. The voice and point of view here are male. Two good friends sit down over a beer to discuss women and sex. They are honest, graphic, irreverent, humble and funny as they share their exasperations and frustrations - but most importantly, they solve them. John Lennon said, ‘Love To Turn You On’. Gentlemen, there is nothing equal to the otherworldly thrill of giving a woman an orgasm; to witness her shudder with pleasure and to know that you are the man responsible. She will reward you a thousand fold.

Happy lovemaking.

James Cahill



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