Spooky Southwest [ePub]

by S.E. Schlosser

I was seriously disappointed in this book. I have a fascination with the southwest and I love ghost stories and folk tales and being creeped out, so when I spotted it in a display at the library I was eager to start reading. Unfortunately, while some of the stories could be genuinely creepy if told properly, they are all written in a overly simplistic fashion and the voice seems completely inauthentic. There is often little sense of place- sure, there are archetypal stories and folk tales which seem to appear in one form or another all over the world, but there should be a "local flavor" that makes one story different from another. There is little description and the whole thing just seems fake- like the author is trying to write in this pseudo-folksy manner that just comes across as cheesy and phony, and there was one story in particular that made me feel uncomfortable in a bad way due to an icky, paternalistic take on the master/slave relationship and ridiculous stereotyping. I don't think this had as much to do with the original folk tale as the author's treatment of it. I suppose this book could be useful if you are looking for a list of ghost stories and creepy tales set in the American southwest, if you use the bibliography to find other sources. Otherwise, skip it.



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