Old Wife's Tale, An [ePub]

by Midge Decter

"What has happened to me over the course of the past seven decades has in one way or another happened to many if not all present-day American women — from the almost dizzyingly rapid ringing of changes to the discover of that in our lives which is never changing."

This beautifully written book offers a memorable chronicle of American life since the 1940s that is hard to match in sweep, unconventional thought, and hard-won wisdom on subjects ranging from the relations between the sexes to the relations between America and the world.

One of the nation's most renowned female conservatives, Midge Decter is known for her frequently controversial stands on modern social issues. An Old Wife's Tale is her thoughtful examination of the lives of American women and men over the last sixty years, as viewed through the lens of her own life. From stories of her youth during World War II — when Decter and her friends learned that "only the class beauty and the class tramp had no difficulty with the dating system" — to a surprising and often hilarious picture of what the 1950s were really like to an account of her later roles as a single mother, publishing executive, happily married woman, political iconoclast, and doting grandmother, Decter paints a singular portrait of a life lived on the front lines of American culture.

By turns serious, wry, and deeply personal, An Old Wife's Tale brings us an important new perspective on twentieth-century American life.



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