Wild And Woolly [ePub]

by Linda Johns

Life is often wild and woolly - literally - when you share your home with an ever-changing population of wild animals and birds. Just ask Linda Johns.

A successful full-time painter and sculptor, she has also opened her heart and the doors of her woodland home and studio in rural Nova Scotia to a constant stream of stray and wounded creatures - some of whom have moved in permanently.

In Wild and Woolly, Linda Johns records another year lived in harmony with the seasons and - not always harmoniously - with her many furred and feathered companions. Here again are some of the resident characters that readers will remember from For the Birds, but in addition to accounts of her feathered lodgers are stories of four-footed and furry personalities.

Here, among many others, are Edna, the mild-mannered rabbit with the bad habit of nibbling on the spines of books - especially those about Edvard Munch; Rogue, the blind kitten; Saffron, Rogue's heat-loving sister, who found a new use for the kitchen toaster; Winner, the tiny, orphaned deer mouse with the fight in "Meadow Muffin"; the goats, Noa, Pat, Kamala, Alice, Poppy, and the aptly named Goatlips, who seldom met a gate he couldn't open; and Ringo, the endearing baby raccoon with an insatiable appetite for Fig Newtons.

Rich with feeling, full of funny, affectionate, and touching stories - and once again enhanced throughout by Linda Johns's black-and-white brush drawings - Wild and Woolly will delight those familiar with her earlier books and those who are reading her for the first time.



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