The Keepers [ePub]

by Jim Sparks

This is an exceedingly readable book - in fact it reads much like a thriller. The chapters are short, and the book is hard to put down.

It is the personal account of an ordinary man who finds himself regularly abducted by aliens. His case is unique in that unlike most abductees he has practically complete conscious recall of these events.

At first Sparks experiences the abductions as extremely unpleasant, and he has no idea what the aliens, or star people, want with him. One thing they want is for him to learn their alphabet, but he is a very unwilling and rebellious pupil. He tries to escape from them, but no matter where in the country he flees to, they always know where he is and come for him in the middle of the night.

He turns to drink as a way to attempt to cope with the problem.

He "donates" sperm to them and later is introduced to his hybrid daughter.

Sparks' family and friends refuse to accept his experiences, though he sees his wife Teresa is involved in them, and later his morther admits that she also is an abductee. Teresa is pregnant at one point but loses the fetus - It simply disappears (i.e. the eliens have removed it).

He's presented with a new role during the abduction experiences in that he is asked to comfort and calm other abductees so that things can take place in a more orderly manner.

Sparks' life improves somewhat when he makes contact with people from alien abduction support groups, who of course understand his plight and accept all he recounts.

The abductees are given the message that we are killing our planet and shown in strong images how we are doing this.

Sparks understands that his mission is to inform the world about these alien contacts, and about what they are trying to tell us. He has certainly done what he can to do this.

For those interested in these star people, their message and the fate of our planet, and I can't understand why everyone wouldn't be interested, I would strongly recommend that you read this absorbing book.



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