Osmos Magazine [ePub]

by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz

The Osmos brand was initiated 15 years ago with a project space in Berlin and has since developed into a fully integrated concept for curatorial and editorial activities. Currently, the Osmos address is located at 50 East 1st Street, in a Manhattan East Village storefront that was once a saloon frequented by Emma Goldman and other radicals. Former "Parkett" editor and "Fantom" cofounder Cay Sophie Rabinowitz launched "Osmos Magazine" as a journal of texts and image series created by practitioners and professionals investigating the uses and abuses of photography. One outstanding feature is a critical approach to the cover, which acknowledges the delayed effect of image capture or so-called "after image," by featuring an artist or work to be discussed in the following issue. With a radical blend of arresting images, print quality and distinctive design, "Osmos Magazine" is the most recognized publication in the market fostering contemporary perspectives in photography as the medium crossing all creative industries and practices-art, design, fashion and even advertising-at the core of our imagination. Current and forthcoming issues feature Erica Baum, Carolyn Drake, Richard Hamilton, Keizo Kitajima, Duane Michals, Elio Montinari, Anna Ostoya, Humphrey Spender and Christopher Williams, among others.



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