Pinning Down the Past [ePub]

by Mike Corbishley

In a relatively short period of time the pursuit of archaeology has evolved from an antiquarian interest to a specialised scientific activity. Part of this evolution has always included the interest of the public and archaeologists' efforts to educate them. As each new method and technique is developed, and each new specialism is created, the challenge of making archaeology available as a learning resource grows with it. Today, for example, the issues which surround archaeology and heritage, such as the pressures of tourism on sites, now form part of many formal educational curricula. This book, the first to deal with the subject in such depth, examines the place of education and outreach within the wider archaeological community. Written by one of Britain's leading archaeological educationalists, it charts the sometimes difficult and painful growth and development of "education and archaeology." Packed full of informative and enlightening case studies, from the circus at Colchester to Sutton Hoo and Hadrian's Wall, this work examines exactly how we have reached the point we are at, where that place is and suggests areas for future development. By drawing upon many decades of experience at the front line of archaeological education, the author has produced a key text that will play a major role in the on-going development of the heritage industry. MIKE CORBISHLEY lectures in heritage education at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London.



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