Hell In Heaven (The Dead Man, #3) [ePub]

by Lee Goldberg

Heaven, Washington was not what Matt Cahill had expected when he'd turned his motorbike at the sign on the main highway, the perverse humor of a dead man going to Heaven striking him. It seemed out of time, a small town with a general store, a diner, and wood houses, the men all dressed in jeans, flannel shirts, and boots, some of the women as well, others in old style dresses. No tee shirts or athletic shoes.

The really odd thing was the banner strung across the street that read WELCOME HOME MATT.

He sensed that something wasn't right in this little town and he wasn't going to be able to leave until he sorted things out. How he knew that he didn't know. When he'd tried to leave, one woman, Joan Delaney had whispered, "Help me!"

I'm enjoying this series, offered first as e-books, then as paperbacks shortly after. Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin have combined men's adventure novels with a touch of horror and come up with something thoroughly entertaining. Other writers are participating as well.

Looking forward to more.



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