True Sea Stories [ePub]

by Henry Brook

True Sea Stories
By: Henry Brook
Review By: Joon Sung Oh

This book is about many different stories based on yachts, boats, and ships. Some of the stories are about ships at war, trips across oceans, a race around the globe that was from and to the U.K., journeys around the globe, but mostly about boats that capsize in the middle of the ocean. The stories are all very detailed. For instance, the book went in depth about what had caused the shipwrecks. Because of the detailed explanations, the stories are very interesting. Although the first page or so was not very interesting, the pages that come afterwards are very fun to read. For example, "On April 22, 1969, a tubby, dirty yacht lumbered into Falmouth docks. Officers from the Customs Authorities moored alongside and greeted the solitary, bearded sailor with the regulation question:
"Where from?"
"Falmouth," answered Knox-Johnson, smiling with delight. He had already been tipped off by friends at a waiting motor launch that the race was his. After 312 days at sea, and 48,000km (30,000 miles), the Suhaili tortoise had won the Golden a globe and - even more remarkable - was the only boat to finish the course. (21)" The first chapter, Race the Savage a Seas, is the my favorite out of the all of the chapters. The reason is, the story was about a yacht race with a Golden Globe and a huge money prize. The suspence of whether the main character, Knox-Johnson, would be able to finish was very intriguing. The mood was adventurous, and persuaded me to keep reading. In my opinion, I think that as the book progresses, in a way, the stories are ordered from the most interesting to the least interesting ones.
In conclusion, I recommend this book to people who like nonfiction books. They would find it a very fun and adventurous book to read. I definitely liked it, and would read it again whenever I have time to read!



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