Junie B. Jones Is a Beauty Shop Guy (Junie B. Jones, #11) [ePub]

by Barbara Park

Rotten, and what a shame.These books could be mega funny and perfect for sassy little kids, but the decision to write in first person with 'childlike' grammar was insufferable to me.I wouldn't mind if the dialogue was handled that way, but to read a whole book, dialoge and narration, like a three year old is too repellent to me.Also, Junie B. talks and seems to think just like my three year old, but she's supposed to be in kindergarten.There's a lot of language development and maturing that happens in those two years, and since my house is a living case-study on this subject, I didn't find it very believable.She is also one super-naughty kid, and I felt like she was feeding devilry to my kid.I could feel Iris getting naughtier as we read, like a simmering boil.Pass.



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