The Two of Them [ePub]

by Aliki

The Two of Them is a book about a grandfather who raises his granddaughter from birth. The book progresses as the granddaughter grows and, over time, the roles of caretaker and caregiver are reversed. The granddaughter begins to care for the grandfather, and eventually the grandfather passes away. The granddaughter is sad, but realizes that her grandfather passing is part of the circle of life as the fruit trees in the garden she shared with her grandfather illustrate.

This book is classified as a picture book because the stories in the book tell the story. Even if a student who could not read picked up the book and looked at the pictures, s/he would be able to tell the story based on the illustrations in the book.

This picture book would be an excellent resource when a child loses a loved one, or when teaching about the life cycle. The book could also be included in a unit about family, particularly grandparents, or even about different family structures - how each family is constructed differently whether it include mom and dad, two moms, grandma and grandpa, foster parents, or a single parent.



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