The Unofficial Guide [ePub]

by Bob Sehlinger

This is the Disney Bible. If you only want to buy one guide book, then this is the one. It might overwhelm first time visitors but it's packed full of essential information that you won't know about. This is the third one of these guides I've read and although alot of the information is the same, I like to keep an eye out for any new updates I might have missed. It's also very useful for planning the holiday. I do skip some of the chapters because they are not relevant to me. Like 'Disney World with Kids' or 'The Disney Spas'. I normaly skip out the Universal Studios bit but I'm planning to go this year so read up on all the rides. I've been torn with Universal because I really want to go to the Harry Potter land but I have no interest in the rest of the park. However the other park is filled with rides that intrest me. I had already decided that I was going to skip Harry Potter and this book has made me think that is the best choice. Harry Potter sounds like it will be an overcrowded nightmare until the novelty wares off. I'll wait a few years. As well as being an informative guide book, the descriptions of the rides/shows etc are told with a touch of humor thats sure to bring a smile to your face. :) 176 days. The only downside to this book is that it lacks the colour pictures at the start that were present in the 2010 edition.



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