Descent From Grace- A Luxe Novel (Book 1.5) [ePub]

by H.Q. Frost

This novella follows the aftermath from the novel Destructive Gods and explores the descent from the bliss the Caribbean left our main characters in. Ready to plan out an unconventional future, Ian starts rushing a unfeasible destiny that not even Lily can see.
Lily's unexpected moodiness brings about more questions than answers for everyone and Ian begins to see his prospects slipping away. When questions are answered, the results promise devastation, plummeting them both from grace.
Life at Luxe begins to pick up for Lily, introducing her to a world she'd never imagined. When a new, high profile client suddenly starts offering her more than money, she's left denying feelings that are more than she bargained for when starting her job as an escort.

This work of fiction is intended for a mature audience only. Do not purchase if descriptive sexual situations, explicit language, and mature circumstances offends you.



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