Biblical Eldership [ePub]

by Alexander Strauch

This is a great book on Biblical Eldership. The author has done a lot of research and study into this topic from numerous sources, there is a 28 page bibliography included for all those who read footnotes :-)

Strauch shows without a doubt how a Biblically based Christian eldership should function, justifying the books subtitle "An Urgent Call To Restore Biblical Church Leadership", in an age where it seems that anything "new" or "edgy" is best, Strauch draws us back to the Bible and shows why we need to restore the Biblical model.

Issues like gender, plurality of elders, the necessity of elders, qualifications of elders, roles and responsibilities of elders, disciplining an elder, appointing elders are covered very well.

There are 155 pages that are devoted to the exposition of scripture in relation to elders and the office of elder and exegesis of various passages, such as I Timothy 3, 5 and Titus 1 on the office of elder. I also appreciated his sections on Acts 15, James 5:13-18 and Hebrews 13:17. I would recommend it to anyone interested in being an elder, or for any Church that is interested in doing a "check-up" on their current practices in this area.

I have not been able to find an e-book or audiobook version yet, but you can order the Paperback, Discussion Guide and Study Guide here:

Biblical Eldership Paperback

Biblical Eldership Study Guide - Mentoring Men for Eldership

Biblical Eldership Discussion Guide



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