Chemical Chaos [ePub]

by Nick Arnold

It was a good book. Maybe a couple things you don't know..kind of funnels, beakers, flasks, thermometers, test tubes, filter paper, hot plates, droppers, spectroscopes, gas chromatograph. Then we find out how Perkin made the dye, not the dye you use to make somebody die like the word death, actually the things that you color with. I think that artificial limbs should be made of metal not plastic. I learned that they are plastic in this book, and that if you bury one underground it will rot, so will drumheads, drink cartons, false eyes, spray paint, artificial limbs, lipstick and water butts. Democritus said, "Cut a piece of cheese in half... the cheese in half again and again. Eventually you will get a piece that is too small to cut in half. That's an atom!"Here is a good thing for eggs you will want to make cookies with:You need an egg and vinegar, and cover the egg in vinegar, put it back in the box, do it to the other 12, and use them to make cookies! Because the vinegar softens the egg's shell and then it's much more easier to crack!

I would recommend this book to chemists, great scientists, anyone who likes science or chemistry.

(Typed by mom)



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