The Purloined Love [ePub]

by Bruce Fink

Love... The inimitable Inspector Canal grapples with it in all its forms-new love, soured love, unrequited love, impossible love-in this new collection of mysteries by Bruce Fink. Enchantment, infatuation, romance, marriage, and libido are at the crux of these three tales of discovery and delight, envy and inconstancy, passion and promise. From New York (with love?) to Paris and Provence, Canal-loosely based on the brilliant Frenchman Jacques Lacan-gets caught up in the misadventures of Eros while attempting to solve age-old and newer forms of crimes of the heart. Always using methods of his own devise, the intrepid inspector feels his way through minefields of deceptions and projections, trying to solve the biggest mystery of them all.Whether love's labors involve the purloining of long-lost letters, the kidnapping of an archeologist, the murdering of a therapist-in-training on New York's Lower East Side, or the vanishing of a world-class fragrance designer, Canal deals with intrigues only he can unravel.



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