Grail (The Heretic's Secret Trilogy #2) [ePub]

by John Wilson

In "Crusade, " John Wilson introduced his readers to a world literally on fire. As childhood friends John and Peter are torn apart by their increasingly different beliefs, the two young men found themselves on opposite sides of a search for a secret that has the power to change the world. In "Grail" the search continues. Cities are falling to the brutal northern crusaders and the smoke of the Cathar funeral pyres still drifts across the land as Peter, John, and John's friend Adso set off on separate journeys into the unknown. Adso takes to the hills with a band of soldiers, intent on revenge against Oddo and the Falcons. John and Isabella travel to Al-Andalus in search of peace and the ancient wisdom preserved by the Moors. Peter travels to Rome, following a clue that Arnaud Aumery believes might lead to the mysterious Cathar Treasure. In the end, however, all three men unknowingly find a piece of a puzzle that will become clear only if the pieces are brought together.



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